17 Instances Completely Unsuspecting Folks Realized They Had been Outdated As Fuck

We asked members of the to and the results were cringingly hilarious:

1. “I worked at a university and asked some of the students if they like the Spice Girls. They replied, ‘Is that a cooking show?‘”



2. “I was working at a high school blood drive, and the math team came in, so I threw out the quote, ‘The limit does not exist!‘ They all stared at me.”

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3. “When I agreed with the adults at a bar mitzvah that the music was too loud and that it was too dark.”


4. “I had to teach a 12-year-old how to use a landline phone, and when she was done, she handed me the phone, saying she didn‘t see the hang-up button.”


5. “When I threw out my back brushing butter onto puff pastry.”


6. “I‘d started working at a college and was pumped to see some cute football players on campus. Then they arrived and looked like children, and I realized I could technically be their mother.”



7. “The kids at the camp I worked at asked me what a cassette was, then were disappointed it couldn‘t play music by itself.”


8. “The moment you see the doctor and wonder if they are old enough to be qualified.”

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– Julie de Joux, Facebook

9. “One of my students asked me if I had ever seen the movie, Men in Black, because ‘Jayden Smith‘s dad‘ was in it.”

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10. “When my daughter asked me if I used to only see in black and white.”


11. “When I showed my 4-year-old how to do a somersault and felt dizzy and nauseated for the rest of the day.”



12. “When the teenager at Chick-Fil-A called me ‘ma‘am.‘”


13. “When I had to explain to my son what a CD was. He couldn‘t understand why all the songs were Taylor Swift.”


14. “When I realized Titanic was released 20 freaking years ago, and I vividly remember going to see it with my high school classmates the day it was released.”

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15. “Remembering the 100th episode of The Simpsons when it aired – then catching the 600th.”


16. “When I was asked what the ‘90s were like!”

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17. “When a friend got remarried and his new wife said she was born in ‘93. I got my first period in ‘92! My PERIOD is older than an adult human?!”

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Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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