9 Necessities You Want To Begin Operating Outdoor In The Winter

Those warmer running days are behind us, but that doesn’t mean we should stay indoors all winter. If 2018 is the year you vowed to become an outdoor winter runner, consider this your how-to guide. All it takes is a few (warm!) base layers, increased insulation, and quick-drying fabric for you to have your best running season yet.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best winter running gear essentials you’ll need to become an outdoor runner in this season. Take a look at our nine must-haves finds below:

  • 1 Athleta Polartec Power Stretch Tight Gap These have 4-way stretch and full thermal insulation for your coldest training.
  • 2 Skull Cap Amazon This has an ultra-thin fleece layer fabric blend for a unique stretchy feel and a sweat liner for those intensive runs.
  • 3 Skirt Sports Tough Chick Pullover Zappos With a semi-relaxed fit for comfortable range of movement and quick-drying stretch fabric, this is perfect for your next outdoor run.
  • 4 Runtlly 4-in-1 Neck Warmer Amazon I love a good snood to cover my neck or face depending upon how cold it is. .
  • 5 The North Face Isotherm Jacket 6pm This reverses from woven to knit to handle any kind of weather.
  • 6 NIKE Pro Warm Tights Foot Locker When you‘re looking for something lightweight but warm enough for those freezing days, reach for these .
  • 7 The North Face Etip Glove Zappos Ever have those moments when you want to take a picture of your run but can‘t because your gloves aren‘t compatible? Well,  work with technology while keeping your hands warm.
  • 8 Patagonia Women‘s Classic Synchilla® Fleece Vest Patagonia For those days when you‘re more about easy layers than bulk, will become your go-to.
  • 9 Swix Menali Quilted Skirt Back Country This pairs well with tights for cross country.

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