LAPD Arrests Tyler Barriss, Suspect in Kansas ‘Swatting‘ Incident

LAPD officers arrested Tyler Barriss last Friday with plans to extradite him to Kansas after he was accused of a so-called "swatting" 911 call hoax that left a man in Kansas dead in a .

Police in Wichita fatally shot a man identified by family as Andrew Finch, 28, after officers responded to a bogus 911 call there.

Los Angeles prosecutors filed a warrant against . was charged with making a false alarm, which covers calling police or a fire department and knowingly giving false information.

NBC News said the hoax was connected to a computer gaming dispute involving the program Call of Duty. According to CNN, "swatting" is the act of making a false police report — usually of an urgent or violent crime — to lure law enforcement or SWAT teams to a location.

CNN reported that Barriss will be extradited to Sedgrick County, Kansas, between Jan. 17 to Feb. 2. Police, responding to a bogus report of a domestic shooting and a hostage situation, shot and killed Finch after he opened the front door to his family's home on Dec. 28, CNN said.

Wichita police deputy chief Troy Livingston said officers fired on the unarmed Finch after he allegedly moved his hands toward his waistline, CNN reported.

Authorities alleged that Barriss told them that he shot his father in the head and he was holding his mother and brother in a closet at gunpoint, CNN wrote.

"So that's the information we were working off of," Livingston said, according to CNN. "Our officers came here preparing for a hostage situation. Several got in position. A male came to the front door, and one of our officers discharged his weapon."

Lisa Finch, Andrew Finch's mother charged that the Wichita Police Department has not been forthcoming with the family about her son's death, CNN wrote. She said she wants to know why the officer who shot her son has not been identified, why officers placed the family in handcuffs and interrogated them after police shot her son, and the whereabouts of her son's body, the broadcaster said.

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