Watch Individuals Criticize A Nonexistent Awards Present On ‘Jimmy Kimmel‘

The Outstanding Celebrity Excellence Awards do not exist, but that didn’t stop people on the street from blasting them.

In a very funny “Lie Witness News” segment on “ Live!” Wednesday, an interviewer described fake events from the made-up awards broadcast to random passers-by ― some of whom didn’t hesitate to confirm that they watched the show. And they had no problem voicing their outrage at such non-occurrences as Alicia Keys killing a lady bug that landed on her arm during her speech, Tom Bergeron mansplaining women’s reproductive rights and the “over-normalization” of peanut intolerance.

As long as we’re heading into the heart of the awards season, maybe these folks should win their own awards for acting like they knew what they were talking about.

Watch their hilarious responses above.

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